An Exercise

An exercise in reacting, and not caring too much. It started with a video from my ipad of me dancing to some music (in the zone). The project after the initial dance became a reaction to seeing me on screen. I imported the video into pro tools and recorded reactionary voice overs to the first second and third time seeing it.

From there, how i mixed it aurally and visually and musically was intuitive, and mostly done in a few passes on the mixing desk just trusting each decision and moving on and not looking back, despite what my discerning or conditioned ears or eyes might want me to amend. Using my clunky limitations and enjoying them. A relief. Its a fucking relief (for me). 




Aloura Pines Trailer Choral


For the Last few months i have been working on a four part audio series. Its an episodical audio adventure designed for dedicated listening in the dark in headphones or 5.1 surround. 

The purpose for me...well actually there is no real purpose i guess other than the process of it which is purpose enough, as its been enjoyable creating this world even if only for my own amusement.  I hope that listeners will take the 15 mins to breathe and close their eyes in the dark and hopefully enjoy this series. It can be relaxing but also it can be  intense, but ultimatley i feel it is rewarding in a strange kind of a way.  

Taking a few minutes to close your eyes, listen and visualise landscapes and narrative is a strangely evocative and enjoyable experience. The story is told through music and sound effects i have crafted. There is little dialogue to provide context.  In that regard as the creator, it is not important to me weather or not the story i visualised translates to the listener. It is more about the experience, good , bad or indifferent and the time taken to do just one thing without the glow of a screen or the hum of children or the babble of ones mind. In a sense it is like a mediation. 

There will be very little to no context provided in the form of blurbs so as not to taint the experience. Its important that people get to hear whatever it is they want to hear, and to have whatever story take place that they want.

It does seem a little excessive to stipulate exact listening enviroments, however i just mean, it wont make any sense listening on speakers in a room or on the train in headphones. It just wont. 

I am waiting on the website to be complete and will release episode one in a couple weeks, episode two a couple weeks after that, and 3 and 4 will be  monthly after that. 

Im very excited to share this series and move on to the next thing.


Please follow the Aloura Pines facebook instagram and twitter to stay in touch. They are only new so im not quite on top of it yet.



Aloura Pines Trailer FOREST

Track Lay , Sound Design, Mixing

Im not sure how else to present this information without it being very boring. Anyone who is looking at this already knows the story. Also, i don't think this actualy qualifies as information to be honest. I do risk coming across as a sarcastic eejit, but sure thats a risk i am willing to take. 


This is a track i wrote after being away on a trip in France in July with legendary score mixer Alan Meyerson. I had taken one of my other compositions over with me to hopefully get some advice on mixing it and finishing it. It was a choral piece called Sinne Anáil. But upon returning, i realised that there was more work to be done on it compositionally so i temporarily abandoned it. I wrote this on the piano (clouds) and it was really just  a secondary idea to transfer it from piano to the synth world. Im glad i made that choice though as a whole new bunch of ideas opened up. 
Im very happy with this bit of music, more so than maybe anything i've ever done. The video was an afterthought, but in the same fashion as the song, came together in such a way that seemed serendipitous.