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Aloura Pines 

Aloura Pines is an episodical audio adventure designed for dedicated listening in the dark in headphones or 5.1 surround. It is an immersive world that creates tension and relaxation for the listener, and hopefully is rewarding in some way. As the creator, it is not important to me that the narrative translates to the listener, only that they take time to spend concentrating on one thing in the dark. I like that thought. I have also created visuals to go with each episode but they are more of an after thought, and i don't recommend watching them first. Here is the trailer below. Visit  the website for more info from December the 5th

Aloura Pines Trailer




Sound design/edit and mix  for two one hour documentaries commissioned by the BBC on the wildlife of the west of Ireland.

Grierson Award for Best Nature Documentary. 
An  tOireachtas Award for Best Programme and Best Presenter
Nominated for Best Presenter Led Programme at Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival


Directed by John Murray 

Produced by Cepa Giblin and  Crossing The Line Films



Additional sound edit and mix on  BBC, PBS  and international versions. The beautiful sound design and mix was done by Steven Fanagan. I merely tinkered for the t.v versioning. 

Directed by Emer Reynolds

Produced by Crossing The Line Films

Feature Sound Edit/Mix by Steven Fanagan 




Sound design/edit and mix on 4 one hour docs on the wildlife in Irelands four major cities. 

Winner - IFTA for Best Director TV 2016

Directed by Cepa Gblin

Produced by Crossing The Line Films